Australian Capital Training Group Pty Ltd

Company History

Jacksons' Business Enterprises Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1994 and is owned by Roslyn and Nick Jackson. The company name was formally changed to Australian Capital Training Group Pty Ltd in August 2005. The company has also traded using the name JBE Training. Roslyn and Nick are both owners and directors of the company. Roslyn is the Principal Trainer. Australian Capital Training Group is a specialised small business providing training in the area of accounting, financial management and budgeting.

The company has been providing learning and development services to a variety of government departments for more than 10 years. Accounting training has also been developed and delivered in conjunction with a number of other training centres, including:
Australian Centre for Regional and Local Government Studies; Australian Institute of Management; Australian Institute of Company Directors; Australian Local Government Association; Computer Training and Consulting; Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA); Professional Management Programs, University of Canberra; and Global Learning Pty Ltd.

Training has been provided direct to numerous government departments, including:
ANAO; DOFA; Treasury; DETYA; Centrelink; ATSIC; DAFF & AQIS; DAS; Defence & DMO; DIMA; DCITA; DFAT; ATO
AusIndustry: National and Regional Offices
Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS): ACT, NSW, VIC, SA, WA & TAS
Business Services Centre (ACT) & Northside Community Service Inc.

Roslyn has been training in the field of accounting in adult education in Canberra since 1994. In that time she has developed and delivered training in all aspects of cash and accrual accounting, business structures, financial transaction processes, responsibilities and accountabilities under the Commonwealth Financial Management Framework and departmental CEI's, and all areas of budgeting and financial management.

During 2004 & 2005, as the principal trainer for Professional Management Programs at the University of Canberra and in conjunction with the Department of Finance and Deregulation, Roslyn developed a suite of training modules covering the Australian government budget process for the department titled the 'Budget Essentials Systems Training' (BEST) programme.

The BEST Programme was further developed and released to the wider public service and re-titled 'Budget & Financial Essentials' (BFE) training. Roslyn developed and presented 4 out of the 5 training modules:

Under the BEST programme Roslyn also developed and delivered the following training modules:

Roslyn maintained intellectual property of this material and now delivers the training direct to a number of government departments, including exclusively to the ANAO. A full manual was developed for the ANAO including a section on Corporate Governance, and in particular references the Uhrig Report (Aug 2004).