Australian Capital Training Group Pty Ltd

Demonstrated Skills & Experience of the Company & Staff

Australian Capital Training Group Pty Ltd is an SME, owned and operated by Nick and Roslyn Jackson. It is a specialised small business providing training in the area of accounting, financial management and budgeting. Roslyn Jackson is the Principal Trainer. Roslyn is a Chartered Accountant and has worked as an accounting academic at two universities. She has provided training for both the private and public sector and taught a vast range of accounting issues from introductory accounting through to the professional qualifications with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA), which she both taught and examined.

Australian Capital Training Group has been working with government departments since 1994 to provide training in accounting, budgeting and financial management skills to fulfil their staff development requirements.

A range of programs can be delivered such as Accounting for Non-Accountants; Accrual & Zero Based Budgeting; The Australian Government Budget Process; The Budget Legislative Framework; Financial Statement Analysis; Government Appropriations; as well as specifically designed courses in all areas of accounting and budgeting to suit the needs of the participants.

Company staff have extensive experience in delivering all levels of accounting training to all levels of adult education from accounting students, junior and senior accountants, all levels of the APS from the most junior to the most senior SES. We have provided training to company directors and personal financial coaching to very senior public servants.

The company is very aware of government financial reforms and has been extensively involved in the delivery of accrual budgeting training. In 2001 the Department of Finance and Deregulation developed a suite of 10 training modules covering accrual budgeting and the Outcomes Reporting framework. Australian Capital Training Group was listed by the Department as a preferred trainer for other government departments to use.

The training services required the public sector often includes the design and development of training and learning programs and materials, and the delivery of those programs in a manner appropriate to either the Departments needs, in the case of an in-house course, or the individuals needs, in the case of an open course. Australian Capital Training Group's aim is to provide a high quality program that meets those needs through a development process that includes significant consultation with the contracting Department and other relevant stakeholders if appropriate.

Roslyn is very aware of the government financial framework and has been extensively involved in the delivery of budgeting training. During 2004 & 2005, as the principal trainer for Professional Management Programs at the University of Canberra and in conjunction with the Department of Finance and Deregulation, she developed a suite of training modules covering the Australian government budget process. Roslyn developed and presented 4 of the 6 training modules under the "Budget and Financial Essentials" training package.

Roslyn has extensive experience in international training, mostly to our Asia-Pacific neighbours. She was responsible for the development and delivery of government financial training to the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, Canberra's sister city.

Roslyn receives excellent evaluations from her participants. She works hard at setting a relaxed mood from the outset so that participants are comfortable in asking questions and can gain the most from the training. She is able to demystify complicated issues, explaining in a clear and concise manner without further confusing or embarrassing her participants.

Roslyn has recently been named as an inaugural member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) "Super 5 Club". The "Super 5 Club" honours the achievement of those facilitators who have been given a perfect score (a 5) by all participants in one or more training sessions of AICD programs in the previous financial year. Of more than 120 facilitators around Australia, only 15 have achieved this level of participant satisfaction in the 2005/06 year.

Although Roslyn has not been a public servant, she contracted with the Department of Finance and Deregulation as a zero based budgeting consultant in 2001 for the then Resource Management Framework Group. She was originally engaged to help the group develop a zero based budget for an internal exercise the department had implemented. In addition to this work, Roslyn ended up working for the department for about 7 months on month end financial statements and preparing/checking the group's component of the Department's Portfolio Budget Statement.

Nick was a public servant with the Australian Government from 1994 through to 2004. This period included a period of 3 years leave without pay while he worked with a community based organization. Although Nick did not work in the corporate area of a department, as his area of expertise is program management, he certainly is aware of Australian Government protocols, CEI's, delegations, public service values and code of conduct and other regulations and requirements of working in the public sector.